We provide access to the mobility of tomorrow in a sustainable public transport system. 

Innovation is at the heart of BODE. We believe that vehicle door systems are not simply doors but rather the gateway to the future of mobility. Our innovative solutions are designed to revolutionize the passenger travel experience. We strive to create vehicle door systems that are not only safe and convenient but also able to interact intuitively with the needs of both passengers and the environment.





BODE is a key player in the mobility turnaround. Our focus is on public transport because we firmly believe that it will shape a sustainable future of mobility.

In our vision, we promote personal responsibility and initiative among our employees. That’s because we believe that true change comes from each individual. Trust in our employees is extremely important to us. We therefore aim to create an environment in which creativity and innovation can flourish. Over time, it has become clear that our team identifies with the “BODE gene”. This is demonstrated in particular by the fact that many employees are committed to BODE from the first day of their apprenticeship to their last day at work – even across generations. The “BODE gene” represents our core values: flexibility, resilience, and inner strength.

After being on the market for decades, we are well established and show remarkable consistency. This is reflected in our history and the continuous development of our company. We are not just witnesses to change – we are actively shaping the future of mobility. BODE – not just a company but also a pioneer for sustainable and future-oriented mobility.

Our passion goes beyond what we do – 
it is deeply connected to why we are doing it.




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Our mission

BODE provides access to the mobility of tomorrow – for a lifetime. As a reliable and innovative partner, we set the standard for door systems and product innovations as well as various services in all mobility sectors. Our excellent service guarantees the long-term safety and reliability of our products. 

We want to shape the public transport of the future by creating doors that pave the way for seamless boarding and alighting. We believe that the mobility of tomorrow is a fusion of sustainability, safety, efficiency, and comfort. We always keep these areas in mind when developing our product solutions. 

We are already closely looking at the key factors that will have a major influence on passenger transport in the coming years. The world is changing. Technical intelligence is required. This opens up previously unimagined opportunities for innovative product solutions. However, there are also new challenges in the areas of security and data protection that need to be overcome. We strive to stay ahead of market trends through cross-industry research and development and to meet these challenges head on. We attach great importance to a close transfer of knowledge with our customers.

Our mission statement

When it comes to developing new systems and solutions, we are actively involved right from the start. For 50 years now, BODE has been a pioneering innovator in the door technology industry. Our many patents underline the high level of our technical excellence. Our customers have exclusive access to these patents when it comes to developing new systems for doors, sliding steps, and software. Through close cooperation with our customers and suppliers as well as cross-industry collaboration between our business areas, we are continually increasing our potential for innovation. This makes us the preferred choice for many when developing new products – as a reliable partner who supports you from design to the final solution.

  • 106 proprietary patents 
    , which our customers can draw on for the development of new systems
  • Active transfer of knowledge 
    thanks to the intelligent use of synergies to provide new ideas for the new and further development of existing systems in the partnership between us and our customers

We are always looking for partners and experts who want to shape the future of mobility with us.

If you would like to find out more about our innovative train door systems or would like to work with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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