Beyond the legal boundaries: 
Compliance at BODE

At BODE, compliance is not just about fulfilling legal requirements but also includes ethical principles such as integrity, fairness, and sustainability. We live these values transparently – both inside and outside our company.

Our strategic approach to compliance at BODE

The compliance work at BODE pursues the goal of guiding our employees not only preventively towards lawful behavior but also towards acting in accordance with our corporate culture. We strive to ensure that our employees apply their knowledge of applicable rules and processes independently in their day-to-day work and always act in accordance with the law. 

The BODE compliance management system

In order to achieve our goal, the compliance team has developed the BODE compliance management system, which is continually adapted to new requirements. Our system includes:

  • Code of Conduct for all employees and suppliers
  • Internal guidelines and processes
  • Regular face-to-face and virtual training sessions to impart knowledge and raise awareness among employees
  • Easily accessible means of communication, including the BODE whistle-blower system