Our whistle-blower system

As a global supplier to the rail industry, we at BODE are committed to honesty, integrity, and conduct according to the relevant laws. The trust of our customers, business partners, and employees is our most valuable asset. In order maintain this trust, we set the benchmark for our conduct at the highest business and ethical standards and uphold all applicable laws and regulations. We must protect and nurture this trust every day.

We rely on the help of every individual to prevent and combat harmful misconduct in the workplace as well as in our supply chain. This is the only way to detect compliance violations at an early stage, identify perpetrators, prevent further damage, and safeguard jobs. We want to effectively protect you as a whistle-blower. With our BODE whistle-blower system, we offer you a communication platform secured with the latest technologies for submitting anonymous reports. You can also actively participate in the investigation by setting up an anonymous mailbox at the end of your report.

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How the reporting process works

The relationship of trust between BODE, our customers, our suppliers, and our employees forms the foundation of our corporate culture. Even as an external person, you may be aware of damaging behavior within the company but reluctant to pass this information on personally. In order to effectively protect you as a whistle-blower, we offer you the opportunity to submit your information via a secure communication platform. If you wish, your identity will remain completely anonymous.

Report violations of applicable laws, guidelines, or codes of conduct such as:

  • corruption, bribery
  • theft, embezzlement, fraud
  • money laundering, illegal payments
  • competition or cartel offenses
  • data protection as well as IT and information security
  • working conditions, health protection, human rights, environmental protection (also applies to violations committed by suppliers in the BODE supply chain)
  • discrimination, harassment, bullying
  • other serious violations of (criminal) laws or guidelines

You will also receive support with questions in connection with reports in the whistle-blower system – also anonymously.

The anonymity of our whistle-blower system is certified by an independent body. We are interested in preventing damage – not in revealing your identity as a whistle-blower:

  • When setting up your protected mailbox, you choose a pseudonym, user name, and password yourself This access data is known only to you
  • Your report is kept anonymous through encryption and other security measures It is not necessary to provide personal data or use a device provided by the employer
  • You remain anonymous at all times during the dialog via the mailbox

After reading an information text to protect your anonymity, you will be taken directly to the reporting portal.

There you will be asked for the focus of your report. On the report page, you will formulate your report in your own words. You can answer questions about the case using a simple answer selection. After submitting your report, you will receive a reference number as confirmation.

You then set up your own protected mailbox, which you can use to receive feedback, answer questions, and keep informed about the progress of your report.