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Andreas about his career at BODE – Site Germany


With BODE since

Current position
Head of Pre-development in all areas

Tell us briefly about yourself and your current position at BODE. How did you end up working for BODE?

My name is Andreas Pellegrini. I am 52 years old, and my current position at BODE is Head of Pre-development for all areas. I was born and raised in Austria and have lived with my family in northern Hesse for 30 years.

After completing primary and secondary school in Austria, I attended a technical college for electrical engineering. This was followed by a short practical test. I then completed professional development in Kassel to become a certified mechanical engineering designer and FEM analyst. 

I joined Bode 21 years ago after my previous employer went bankrupt. I had applied to various companies and ultimately chose BODE because of the exciting products.

What tasks are part of your daily work routine?

My daily tasks include designing new concepts, monitoring the market for new technologies and processes, attending project meetings, striving for personnel development, carrying out administrative management tasks, and giving various product and project presentations.

Is there a project at BODE that you particularly enjoyed working on? Why?

For me, these special projects are particularly memorable:

  • The development of the BIDS 1 and BIDS 3 door drives – because completely new technologies and design principles were successfully implemented in each case
  • BMU-NG – because the product now represents a technological milestone

What does teamwork look like at BODE?

The teamwork at BODE is quite positive for me because I have a good relationship with most of the departments involved in the project. Even in critical phases, we were always able to find a suitable solution together.

Can you share a special team experience you have had here?

In addition, the trade fair set-ups in particular have been a special experience because the time from designing to shipping the exhibits has always been tight. But with the commitment of the entire team, an outstanding trade fair appearance is always achieved.

What do you appreciate about the corporate culture at BODE?

What I appreciate about BODE is that everyone gets the chance to prove themselves and grow with their tasks. As far as further development in our company is concerned, I have yet to see an advanced training or development application that has been rejected. 

What advice would you give to new employees who are just starting at BODE?

I would advise new employees to show commitment and honesty and to look at the bigger picture

Finally, is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Standing still is a step backwards. Even if the steps are not always that big, we are the technology leader in our industry.