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Maureen about her career at BODE – Site Germany


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Current position
Head of project management and sales for bus and automotive products

Tell us briefly about yourself and your current position at BODE. How did you end up working for BODE?

My name is Maureen Gedeck. I am 33 years old and have been with BODE for almost six years now. I originally did an apprenticeship as a bank clerk because I was already interested in math and economic relationships during my school days. My enthusiasm for numbers and technology made it easy to choose my study program in industrial engineering. During my studies, I was particularly interested in project management. That’s why I focused on it and decided to work in project management. I found the combination of business and technology quite exciting. My studies provide and excellent basis for gaining a foothold in the industry.

Could you give us an overview of your professional career?

My first full-time position at BODE was as a project manager in the automotive division. I learned a lot when I started my career and gradually gained further qualifications. In addition to my work as a project manager, I have also taken on additional tasks in the area of product management. I have always had a high proportion of sales activities in my area of responsibility. In 2022, I became Deputy Head of Department for the ROAD division and took over this role fully in September 2023 as Head of Project Management and Sales for the Bus and Automotive products.

What tasks are part of your daily work routine?

No two days are the same for me. Because of the high proportion of project business, my day-to-day work is extremely varied. My tasks include coordinating with the other specialist departments, contributing to the strategic orientation of the product groups for which I am responsible, and supporting my team in drafting offers and contracts. I am also regularly informed about current projects and involved in critical decisions. I have to keep an eye on the order situation and the sales figures for our product groups.

What do you particularly appreciate about your current position?

What I particularly like about my job is that I have a lot of customer contact as well as contact with internal interfaces. My day-to-day work is quite varied, and there are always new challenges to overcome. This gives me a great deal of job satisfaction.

Is there a project at BODE that you particularly enjoyed working on? Why?

A particular highlight for me was last year’s Busworld bus trade fair, which is the leading trade fair for our area. Helping to organize the trade fair was fun and added variety to our standard project business. Despite a lot of bad news and unexpected incidents, we were able to complete our trade fair exhibit just in time. Seeing our products and innovations on a finished exhibition stand was a great experience for me. 

What values are particularly important to you, and how are they reflected in your work?

Self-development and personal responsibility as well as open and fair treatment are values that are important to me in my workplace. As a medium-sized company, the flat hierarchies at BODE provide good conditions for quickly taking on responsibility and developing further in many positions. In my view, the key to success is the ambition to achieve something, the courage and self-confidence to take responsibility, and the ability to see mistakes as an opportunity rather than a weakness. In our department, we help and support each other wherever we can. There are no “stupid questions”. In this way, we can learn from each other and help each other move forward. At BODE, we pull together, especially in stressful and difficult situations. 

What advice would you give to new employees who are just starting at Bode?

Your colleagues at BODE have a wealth of experience and knowledge. They are always willing to share their knowledge – just don’t be afraid to ask. 

Finally, is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

There is currently a lot going on at BODE. If you are prepared to get involved in a dynamic working environment, you can expect an exciting time at BODE. You will be able to play an active role in shaping things and making a difference together.