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Patrick about his career at BODE – Site Germany


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Plant manager

Tell us briefly about yourself and your current position at BODE. How did you end up working for BODE?

My name is Patrick. I am 29 years old and have a daughter. BODE gave me the opportunity to take on a lot of responsibility in my younger years. I currently manage a plant with over 300 employees. I joined BODE four years ago via the traditional application route (on line, of course).

Could you give us an overview of your professional career?

As far as my career is concerned, I’ve always been fast. I completed my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees as dual studies in the area of mechanical engineering, gained some experience in production, and finally started at Bode. After joining BODE, the pace continued. After only a short time, I was responsible for a section of production. Since 2023, I have been responsible for the entire plant. 

What motivated you to apply for a job at BODE?

BODE impressed me with its flat hierarchies and quick decision-making. This was not an empty promise: I was spontaneously accepted during the interview. But it got even better. From day one, I was given an extremely high level of trust and was allowed to act and shape things independently. That has remained the case to this day. And that is what makes working at BODE so satisfying and exciting for me.

What tasks are part of your daily work routine?

My day is well structured. In the mornings, the focus is more on operational issues. After all, production has to run smoothly. This includes our daily divisional meetings about the results and problems of the previous or current day. 

In the afternoon, things calm down in production itself, and my tasks have a more strategic nature. That means we sit together in project teams and develop new production lines, and have meetings with machine and system manufacturers. Of course, there are usually a few boring administrative tasks.

No matter how busy my schedule is, I always have an open ear. I often come to my colleagues and we talk – sometimes not about work.

What do you particularly appreciate about your current position?

The diversity of the tasks and topics we work on and my team. 

What does teamwork look like at BODE?

When I talk about my team, I see myself less as a leader and more as an equal member. Everyone has their own tasks that they do. And together we work on becoming even better. We stand up for each other as a team and cheer each other up in difficult situations. If someone is stuck, we look for solutions together and we have a healthy competitive spirit among ourselves.

Have you personally benefited from professional development programs?

I am a living example of how BODE continues to provide its employees with opportunities for professional development. I started as a project manager and my potential was recognized quite early on. We then drew up an individual development plan to strengthen my leadership skills. I was gradually given more responsibility. I am now one of the youngest plant managers at BODE and enjoy the full support of my colleagues.

What advice would you give to new employees who are just starting at BODE?

1st Cooperate with the works team.
2. Find an “old hand” who can explain to you what makes BODE tick.
3. Share your experiences with those who have started with you.