Boarding aids

BCBS step systems

Individual products ensure mobility for complex tasks.

Where linear step positioning is not sufficient, BCBS steps offer solutions through intelligent kinematics. We combine linear, rotary, and translatory movements of single or multi-stage steps with functional modules from our standard product portfolio. Our decades of experience in product configuration enable us to deliver a customized solution for your particular challenge.



Light entry 800–1,500 mm
Drive Electric, toothed belt (including continuous DCU power)
Maintenance frequency approx. 50,000 cycles
Locking mechanism Electromechanical safety switch
Control system 24 V/36 V/72 V/110 V
Diagnostics USB/Ethernet
Sensors Passenger load detection/ultrasonic platform detection/motor current measurement and time-path sensor
Weight approx. 68 kg (1,300 mm width; 270 mm stroke)
Integration Upper/lower frame; plug-and-play step



  • Hybrid product that combines a sliding step and ramp
  • Scalable dimensions
  • EN14752 and TSI: PRM-compliant
  • Contactless, fully automatic selection of operating mode via ultrasonic sensor technology
  • Enormous bridging capacity for gaps
    Width: 1,500 mm
    Depth: 650 mm
    Height: 180 mm

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