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BMBS sliding step systems

The BMBS sliding step systems will impress you with their maximum modularity. We radically shorten your project-specific product development through our holistic concept.

Do you need a system tailored to your requirements? We configure an individual product based on established and proven functional modules of the latest generation. Modular equipment features enable the use of existing components in favor of high system variability. Standardized components, which enable simple adaptation of the size, ensure flexible integration concepts.



Light entry 800–1,500 mm
Drive Electric, toothed belt (including continuous DCU power)
Maintenance frequency approx. 50,000 cycles
Locking mechanism Electromechanical safety switch
Control system 24 V/36 V/72 V/110 V
Diagnostics USB/Ethernet
Sensors Passenger load detection/ultrasonic platform detection/motor current measurement and time-path sensor
Weight approx. 68 kg (1,300 mm width; 270 mm stroke)
Integration Upper/lower frame; plug-and-play step


Maximum modularity

Holistic concept

radically shortens project-specific product development

Customized product

based on established and proven functional modules of the latest generation

High system variability

due to modular equipment features

Standardized components

enable simple adjustment of the size

Flexible integration

through the use of standardized components

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