Boarding aids

BISS – Standardized sliding step systems

The BISS sliding step systems combine flexibility and a clearly structured arrangement of functional components.

The drive and locking mechanism concept has proven its suitability for everyday use even under the most extreme conditions. Depending on your requirements, our sliding step systems adapt perfectly to the platform edge. BISS sliding step systems as single or double steps can be laid flat in the floor (insertion step) or integrated as built-in steps underneath the floor. They are placed underneath the solebar of the vehicle as a substructure step. 



Light entry 800–1,300 mm
Drive electric, toothed belt
Energy consumption approx. 150 W·s per cycle
Maintenance frequency approx. 50,000 cycles
Application LRV, Metro, Regio, IC, HGV
Locking mechanism Safety locking switch
Control system 24 V/36 V/72 V/110 V
Diagnostics USB/Ethernet
Sensors BMU/ electrical sensitive edges, light barrier/light grid, and time-path sensor



Proven suitability

of the drive and locking concept for everyday use under extreme conditions


of the sliding step systems to the platform edge according to your requirements

Single or double step options

Substructure step placement

underneath the side member of the vehicle for versatile applications

Clear structure

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