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BIDS-S – Single-leaved swinging/sliding doors

The BIDS® swinging/sliding doors with BIDS-S drive system are secure, robust, and reliable. They are available with sandwich or all-glass door leaves.

For decades, they have proven themselves in passenger service on trams, and regional trains, and high-speed trains. The all-electric systems can be configured according to customer requirements. The sandwich (SW) construction of the door leaf allows different window shapes to be achieved. Excellent thermal and sound insulation values are achieved by using additional insulating materials. With our all-glass door leaf, we strive for consistent lightweight construction. The design of the glass area can be freely configured by the customer. LED lighting can be used in both the sandwich door leaf as well as in the all-glass door leaf – controlled via our latest generation of BODE door control units. The LED lights are integrated in the primary closing edge and are easy to replace.



Light entry 800–1,400 mm
Drive electric, toothed belt
Energy consumption 40–70 W·s per cycle
Maintenance frequency approx. 50,000 cycles
Application LRV, Metro, Regio, IC, HGV
Locking mechanism Over center by means of: rotary latch via push-pull Bowden cables
Control system 24 V/36 V/72 V/110 V
Diagnostics USB/Ethernet
Sensors Electro-sensitive sensitive edges, light barrier/light grid/motor current sensor, and time-path sensor
Weight HS approx. 210 kg/IC approx. 250 kg/LRV approx. 120 kg


Simple and robust design

Best thermal and sound insulation

due to additional insulation layer

Tried and tested for decades on trams, metros and regional trains

For the everyday requirements of public transportation


diagnostics and sensor units

Best comfort

when getting on and off



The BIDS-S drive is …

  • secure thanks to a locking mechanism system proven over decades in combination with the latest generation of BODE door control units
  • robust thanks to careful material selection and low-wear guide elements
  • reliable thanks to extensive validation that goes beyond normative requirements coupled with experience gained from millions of kilometers in passenger service

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