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External swinging door – single- and double-leaved external swinging door

The ROAD external swinging door – with pneumatic or electric drive. Available with an all-glass door leaf or with an individual design line.

Our external swinging doors have been in use on city buses and tour buses for decades.
The single-leaf version can be used for tour buses, minibuses, trucks or delivery vehicles and the double-leaf version is particularly suitable for city buses or people movers. Regardless of the drive type, the door leaves can be designed as all-glass door leaves or with an individual design line with a glass pane at the top and planking at the bottom.



Light entry External swinging door, single-leaved ≥ 850 mm; external swinging door, double-leaved: ≥ 1,200 mm
Maintenance frequency Maintenance-free
Power supply Nominal pressure 8 bar (approx. 6–10 bar)
Operating temperature −25°C to +75°C
Storage temperature −50°C to 85°C
Total door weight when fully equipped with toughened safety glass panes External swinging door, single-leaved: 60 kg tempered glass/70 kg laminated safety glass; external swinging door, double-leaved: 80 kg tempered glass/90 kg laminated safety glass
Door swing fixing Pneumatic cylinder + optional lift lock
Door control WABCO or Bode control unit TB 12-24


Proven in the field for decades

with city buses and coaches

Single-leaf variant

suitable for coaches, minibuses, city buses and delivery vehicles

Double-leaf variant

ideal for city buses or people movers

Flexible adaptation

to different vehicle types thanks to pneumatic or electric drive

Innovative elements

such as sensing edges, night locking, opening buttons and LED strips

Safe operation

due to proven locking technologies

Variable design

of the door leaves as all-glass door leaves or with individual design line

The pneumatic or electric drive is …

  • variable thanks to our modern electric drive and the appropriate locking mechanism, the solution can be extended to different vehicles such as delivery vehicles and people movers
  • secure thanks to wedges on the portal and door leaf, the stroke of the pneumatic drive ensures secure locking The door leaf of the electric external swinging door is held closed by a lateral locking mechanism in the portal
  • innovative thanks to additional options such as sensing edges, night locking mechanism, opening buttons, and LED strips

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