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IST CADS II – Single and double leaf inward swing door systems

The ROAD interior swinging door – with CADS II drive system or pneumatic drive. Available with all-glass door leaf.

The ROAD interior swinging doors have been tried and tested in bus operations for decades. With our all-glass door leaf, we strive for consistent lightweight construction with maximum rigidity. The design of the glass area can be freely configured by the customer. LED lighting is possible in the door leaf – there are virtually no limits to the design options.



Maintenance frequency Maintenance-free
Fulfilment of standards ECE R107, ECE R118, ECE R10, 72/245/EEC, ISO 26262, ISO 14000
Power supply Rated voltage 24 VDC (ISO 16750-2 code E)
Operating temperature −25°C to +75°C
Storage temperature −50°C to 85°C
Clear opening width ≥ 750 millimeters (single-leaved) … ≥ 1,200 millimeters (double-leaved)
Total door weight when fully equipped with toughened safety glass panes 99.4 kg tempered glass/109.4 kg laminated safety glass
Door swing fixing CADS®-integrated safety brake
Door control WABCO or Bode control unit TB 12-24


For bus operators

tried and tested in the field for decades


robust, low-wear, lightweight and fast with minimal installation space requirements; high level of standardization

Electric drive

reliable, maintenance-free, lightweight and proven

Consistent lightweight construction

with maximum rigidity

Customizable glass area

for maximum flexibility

LED lighting

for diverse design options and user communication

The CADS II drive is …

  • more robust thanks to consistent material selection and low-wear guide elements
  • lighter thanks to saving around 8 kg in weight compared with an interior swing door with a conventional electric drive
  • faster thanks to shorter door travel times because of improved obstacle detection


The pneumatic drive is …

  • reliable thanks to proven BODE quality in all components
  • more variable thanks to the on-demand adjustment of damping and speed
  • easily thanks to efficient material selection in the drive environment

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