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Driver’s cab door – with or without window system

The driver’s cab door is variable, reliable, and safe.

The door frame is made of steel or aluminum. The door trim consists of a frame made of aluminum profiles with an outer layer of sheet metal and special insulating layers that improve the thermal and acoustic parameters of the system. Depending on customer requirements, the inner door trim is made of sheet metal or laminates (polyester glass or thermoformed laminate). The outer shape of the door adapts to the vehicle body. For the surface protection of the door trim, we offer wet painting or powder coating for both the exterior and interior.

Depending on the project requirements, the door can be supplied either without a window or with a window system that is fixed, hinged, or vertically sliding.


Driver’s cab door

Drive electric, spindle drive
Application LRV, Metro, Regio
Locking mechanism Latch lock mechanism

and safe

Variable design

with or without window system

Reliable and safe

Surface protection

of the door panels

Window system

Fixed, rotatable or vertically sliding


locking system possible

The door can also be fitted with a customized locking system:

  • one or two handles on the outside
  • one-, two-, or three-point locking mechanism
  • Pressure tightness function
  • various types of locking cylinders – both standard locking cylinders and special locking systems

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