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Easy ramp – ROAD ramp

Maximum ground clearance in urban and interurban service with exceptional comfort. Our electric ramp with the in-house ramp control system of BODE is the robust alternative to the sub-structure ramp.

It is based on standard components from BODE in combination with an innovative drive system, thereby resulting in a minimal headroom. With its optimized materials, it is corrosion-resistant. Thanks to the modular cassette design, it can be installed quickly and easily directly into the floor. On request, the ramp extension can be fitted with LED lights in order to increase safety in the operating environment.


Easy ramp

Maintenance frequency Maintenance-free
Application Bus
Fulfilment of standards ECE R107, ECE R118, ECE R10, 72/245/EEC, ISO 26262, ISO 14000
Ramp weight 38 kg with standard length of 900 mm
Load capacity of the step plate max. 350 kg
Operating temperature −25°C to +75°C
Storage temperature −50°C to 85°C
Pitch angle CADS®-integrated safety brake
Ramp control Bode control unit TB 12-24
Max. Vehicle access height 290 mm with ramp angle 20°

Possible ramp positions


Easy ramp

  • Possible customization
    LED lighting, orange step plate
  • Slip-resistant step areas
    R12 according to DGUV rule 108-003/BGR 181
  • Surface bonding possible
    Surface prepared for bonding with 2.5 mm floor covering
  • Flat design
    Ramp height 63 mm

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