The interior panels are made of glass, aluminum, or HPL laminate. Aluminum alloys are used for interior partition walls and trim in order to both transfer loads and fulfill decorative functions. These products are designed to harmonize seamlessly with other vehicle components such as air conditioning systems and switch cabinets and thus support the overall design.

Partition walls without fire protection requirements are thin with a wall thickness of around 25 mm. The materials for the interior panels include aluminum alloys, glass, HPL, scale panels, honeycomb panels, cork, plastic, and fiberglass-reinforced plastic depending on the specification and aesthetic requirements.

BODE also offers partition walls with additional thermal or sound insulation as well as vibration-damping materials. Our products are available with wet or powder coating. At the customer’s request, the partition walls and trim can have openings for the integration of passenger information devices.


Interior panels

Application LRV, Metro, Regio, IC
Coating Powder or liquid coating
Design Posting housing with 6 mm laminated glass, stainless steel handrail, and laminate trim
Features Lighting, grab poles, and grab rails

Interior panels

Glass, aluminium or HPL laminate

Seamless support of the vehicle design through integration with other components

Thin constructions

without fire protection requirement with 25 mm wall thickness

Various materials

depending on specification and aesthetic requirements

Sound or thermal insulation

and vibration-damping materials possible

Adapting to customer requirements

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