Passenger comfort and interior design

The BODE steps increase passenger comfort and enable customized interior design elements. 

The BODE steps connect the levels of a double-decker train or is part of the train vestibule. Lightweight and durable, it can be designed according to customer requirements and fitted with various floor coverings. Insulating materials are also possible – as are protective coatings and wet paint finishes. The steps are subject to a strength analysis and serve as inspection hatches for access to nearby equipment.
The steps are manufactured from aluminum alloys or steel as required and are produced as either welded structures or bent elements from sheet metal.

BODE is certified according to DIN 15085 and DIN 6701. The materials used comply with the requirements of EN 45545.



Application Regio, IC, LRV, PushPull
Protective coating Wet paint finish, powder paint finish, chromating, no coating
Equipment Possible with various components such as step profiles or linings
Properties Decorative elements, lining, or insulating material for sound insulation

Every step

Easy handling

Long-lasting and robust


Use of insulating & damping materials possible

Protective coating options

Inspection hatches

for inspections

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